Over Kickbike

In 1994, I founded Kickbike Worldwide ltd. that has grown as a modern Kickbike – scooters and Kickspark – kicksleds developer. In fact, I worked as a promoter of the sport, an innovator and downright fanatical kick-athlete since the mid 1980´s. And the time has been interesting! Kickbike® – scooters and Kickspark® – kicksleds represent a Finnish design as its best, they combine a unique design and functionality. With our regular models we have won numerous world titles in both summer and winter championships. We operate in Finland, but the growing distribution network is quite extensive particularly in Europe. We strive to comply with both ethical and  environmentally sustainable policies. – Rgds, Hannu

Kickbike Nederland:

Gooiker Step Trading werd Kickbike importeur in 2002. Na jarenlang zelf gestept te hebben besloten eigenaren Jolanda en Vincent Gooiker de verkoop van Kickbike voor heel Nederland op zich te nemen. Toen had Kickbike 3 modellen, nu 6 modellen. Het assortiment is completer geworden en er zijn meer kleuren leverbaar. Ook is het aantal winkels dat Kickbike verkoopt uitgebreid. Elke provincie heeft zijn eigen dealers en er zijn ook zo’n 100 bedrijven die de Kickbikes verhuren. Voor de toekomst verwachten wij nieuwe kleuren van de Sport G4 en de Cross FIX. Ook komt in 2021 de Sport Max weer terug in een nieuw jasje en in 2 kleuren. Neem contact met ons op voor meer informatie.

kicksled (early 20th century)

Esla T6 (1990)

Aatami (1996)

Kickspark Max (2008)

traditional scooter (50’es)

wheeled kicksled (1989)

Kickbike (1998)

Race Max 20 (2011)

Kickbike Worldwide Ltd in a nutshell

Kickbike history dates back to mid 80’es. Young orienteer, runner and medical student Hannu Vierikko caught an idea to use a kicksled for cross-training. Kicksled is a traditional nordic vehicle mainly used by elderly people and children nowadays. Although some people considered kicksledding ridiculous, those who tried it learned that riding kicksled was great exercise for running as well as great fun in itself. More sportsmen got involved and eventually competitions started.

The kicksled design was traditional and nearly 100 years old. Real sports equipment needed to be stiffer, easier to control, lighter and more agile. Kicksled had to be, and was was truly re-born.

But even in Finland snow melts during spring and kicksled required summer equivalent. After trials with kids’ scooters, four or three wheelers and homebuilt machines he ended up with big front wheel – small rear wheel prototype. It was fast, and a great success.

Not only you could make 8 hour exercises starting right from your home door. Also people not involved in sports at all found Kickbike. Agility and care-free mechanism, novelty too, intrigued people, most of which found a real new lifestyle in it.

1993 time was ready to start production in greater volumes. Prototype series was quickly sold and newspaper stories about enthusiastic users launched ever growing interest. Nowadays, Kickbike Worldwide sells Kickbikes, Kicksleds, miscellaneous upgrades and sponsors a team of best kicksled and scooter athletes.

Roughly half of Kickbike purchasers design to use it as daily transport vehicle, while the other half aims for fitness or cross-training other sports. Nearly all of the ‘sport’ kickbikers naturally use it also for utility rides.

traditional kicksled (1900-1985)